Apple’s Mobile Web Share is Falling

Apple's Mobile Web Share is FallingApple’s mobile web share has fallen just over 10% in the last year according to the latest data from NetApplications.

As reported by Fortune this week, iOS’ share of Web usage hit an all-time low of 54.9% in August, down 11 percentage points (16.7%) from the 65.9% it held in August 2012.

“Tim Cook likes to cite NetApplications’ monthly usage reports to show that no matter how much ground they lose to Google’s Android in terms of unit sales,” writes Philip Elmer-DeWitt of the Apple 2.0 blog. “Apple’s (AAPL) mobile devices continue to dominate the Web.”

Apple’s loss, however, was clearly Android’s gain.

Google’s little green robot saw its share of the mobile web climb to 28.1% from 21% last year, up 7.2, which is a 34.3% pop.

“Apple’s units sales should rebound if, as widely reported, the company is set to release new iPhones in September,” Elmer-DeWitt adds. “Its Web share may take longer to recover.”