Apple’s iPhone: Made in The USA?

Here’s a prospect that’s certain to light up the patriot in all of us. Imagine, if you will, a scenario in which Apple will have its iPhones (or at least some of them) built right here in the United States?

Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn isn’t parting ways with Asia but the company allegedly has its sights set on North America.

According to Digitimes, Foxonn is actively searching for a place set up a manufacturing facility in either Los Angeles, California or Detroit, Michigan.

“Since the manufacturing of Apple’s products is rather complicated,” Digitimes reports, “the market watchers expect the rumored plants to focus on LCD TV production, which can be highly automated and easier.”

Meanwhile, Foxconn chairman Terry Guo, at a recent public event, noted that the company is planning a training program for US-based engineers, bringing them to Taiwan or China to take part in the processes of product design and manufacturing.

Although all Apple products won’t be stamped “made in the USA,” no shortage of Apple fans and critics will be elated by this development should it ultimately come to pass.