Apple’s iPhone 7 AirBuds Draw Hilarious Protests from T-Shirt Makers

largeOn Wednesday, Apple introduced iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, “the best, most advanced iPhone ever,” according to Apple.

By all accounts, the new iPhone packs an array of cool features and cutting edge hardware.

The iPhones feature industry standard new camera systems, the “best battery life ever” on an iPhone, and water/dust resistance.

But one thing is, uh, missing. And a lot of iPhone advocates aren’t pleased. As intensely rumored in recent weeks, Apple nixed the obligatory headphone jack in iPhone 7 and revealed cordless “AirPods.”

Whether or not AirPods will ever be embraced by iPhone users remains to be seen. But for now, the critics are having a field day in the realm of fashion, where t-shirts are being used to protest this new reality.

One of the funniest shirts to become an overnight success on Amazon? “Bring Back My Headphone Jack” funny smartphone t-shirt targeting iPhone users.

Although the shirt doesn’t reference Apple or the iPhone directly (the makers are careful to skirt any legal problems), it’s pretty clear that the shirt is a reaction to what may very well be the newest trend in industry-wide smartphone technologies — the extinction of the headphone jack.

So… are YOU comfortable with this decision by Apple? Or are you more inclined to buy this t-shirt than the iPhone 7?