Apple's iPhone 6 Coming September 19th?

Apple's iPhone 6 Coming September 19thIf you were hoping to get your hands on Apple’s eagerly awaited new iPhone 6 sometime during the month of August, it doesn’t look like that possibility is still in the cards.

That is the latest tidbit gleaned from a German carrier who appears to be in possession of the hush-hush launch date of Apple’s iPhone 6. reports that Deutsche Telekom is now operating under the impression that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 on September 19th.

Assuming that Germany is among the first-wave launch countries, U.S. consumers will not get the iPhone 6 any sooner than their European counterparts.

All told, the prospective market arrival for the next-gen iPhone isn’t a surprise. The 5s and iPhone 5c launched one year earlier on September 20th.

If Apple introduces iOS 8 on Monday at WWDC 2014 and then the iPhone 6 in September, Apple will once again have kept its product and software introduction/release playbook identical to that which we’ve come to know in recent years.