Apple’s iPhone 5s Supplies Are Finally ‘Healthy’

Apple's iPhone 5s Supplies Are Finally 'Healthy'Apple may have finally resolved its lingering iPhone 5s supply issues.

On Tuesday, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reported that iPhone 5s supplies are finally meeting demand.

This development, if accurate, comes at a great time for Apple, as the holiday shopping season officially kicks off on Black Friday (or some might even say tomorrow’s Thanksgiving holiday.)

According to Forbes, Gene Munster has been tracking the availability of the iPhone 5s in 60 different Apple stores on a routine basis in recent weeks. The results show that the iPhone 5s supply has “increased from 31% two weeks ago to 90% of the all the models for the various carriers.”

Apple is projected by Munster to sell 55.5 million iPhones in the December quarter.

With regard to the iPhone 5c, the device is not the red-hot item that the iPhone 5s is, but according to the same report, sales are still strong.

“While the iPhone 5c is definitely performing below what analysts thought a lower priced iPhone would do (because it isn’t really much of a lower priced iPhone), it is selling,” Forbes indicates.