Apple’s App Store Tops 1 Million App Submissions

Between the gargantuan mobile app predictions made by Strategy Analytics to the latest news about Apple’s bustling App Store, it’s shaping up to be a big morning for mobile app news.

On Monday, word came that Apple’s App Store has now received in excess of one million iOS app submissions. That information came directly from a Tweet by Appsfire, the prominent App Store discovery company.

Breaking: today will mark the day the App store has seen 1 million apps ever created since launch (iOS).

Almost as impressive as this number of apps is the number of people who routinely access the App Store. As of this writing, the App Store is regularly probed by some 400 million iTunes account holders, all of whom have initiated more than 35 billion downloads in just the last 48 months.

“The average customer now is using over 100 apps,” Apple chief Tim Cook recently admitted. “It’s been an absolute revolution. It’s phenomenal. Together with the incredible products, these have helped us achieve an incredible milestone.”