Apple’s 4G iPad Mini Ready for Delivery

Apple is reportedly preparing to ship its new iPad mini with4G connectivity.

Although the original shipment date was estimated to be at or around November 21st, it now appears that buys may get their deliveries several days ahead of schedule.

MMW has heard from several readers who reveal they have received shipping notices from Apple indicating that the iPad mini is going to be delivered to their homes this Friday, November 16th.

Although the iPad mini has been on sale for two weeks now, only this weekend will the iPad mini with 4G connectivity go on sale. The first wave of iPad mini deliveries were for the Wi-Fi only models.

In early November, Apple confirmed that the opening weekend of preorders netted some three million sales for both the iPad mini and the new iPad 4. Apple has not yet provided any insight into how many 4G-ready models of the iPad mini have been ordered.