Apple’s 2010 Rewind Reveals Interesting Mobile Trends

Apple’s 2010 Rewind is out and dishing on some of the best-selling, most popular and downloaded iPhone and iPad apps from its iTunes App Store this year.

Surprisingly, while Apple confirms the largely anticipated popular trend of photo-sharing apps for 2010, the level of interest expressed in augmented reality apps exploded this year, a factor that should be expected to heavily influence the aims of app developers in 2011.

In 2010, productivity and entertainment apps dominated iPad application preferences.

Apple’s “Pages,” word processing application, “GoodReader” and “Numbers” captured the top three places in the iPad app store for 2010. Books, Pandora Radio, Netflix, Google Mobile App, and Solitaire were among the top free applications for the iPad.

Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, and Skee-Ball were among the most downloaded paid apps for the iPhone this year.

The highest grossing iPhone app was’s “At Bat 2010” ($14.99).

Angry Birds was another top earning app this year. So were Call of Duty: Zombies, and Bejeweled 2+ Blitz.

Angry Birds also turned up among the top free iPhone apps, an accomplishment made possible by the game’s free “Lite” version. It placed just behind Facebook as the second most popular free iPhone app.

The complete run down of the most most popular iPhone and iPad trends and apps is now available on iTunes.