Apple Wows with Live WWDC Demo of iOS 5 Despite No Mention of Next-Gen iPhone

Arguably the centerpiece of Apple’s WWDC keynote today, the venerable Cupertino, California-based tech giant showcased the future of iOS with a live demonstration of the forthcoming iOS 5.

Jam-packed with rich new features, Apple chief Steve Jobs and company had time to spotlight only a select few features – all of which seemed to dazzle the live audience of press and other tech dignitaries.

Of the more than 200 fresh features attached to iOS 5 (not to mention 1500 new APIs for developers), the most intriguing new attributes include:

  • Newsstand: a user intereface remarkably similar to iBooks for easy storage and access to digital publications and magazines
  • Safari: tabbed browsing is now a reality
  • Twitter Integration: Via iOS 5, applications can now natively post directly to Twitter
  • Reminders: A robust new experience that makes remembering tasks and assigning them to others easy and efficient
  • Camera: iOS 5 delivers a camera button to the lockscreen for speedy access. The volume-up bottom will now take pictures
  • Over The Air: PC-free iPhone activation is now possible, along with OTA updates
  • Mail: Say hello to Rich Text Formatting for mail in iOS.
  • Notifications: Notification Center assembles all your current notifications into one centralized, convenient location
  • iMessage: iOS 5 makes it possible for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches to communicate with unprecedented ease

According to Apple, iOS 5 will roll out this fall – likely in conjunction with a new iPhone, although Apple didn’t make mention of a next-generation handset today.

The SDK, however, is available to developers beginning today.