Apple Will Open 400th Retail Store in 2013

Retail continues to be the apple of Apple’s eye, as the company has publicly confirmed plans to open its 400th retail store in 2013.

This shouldn’t come as too big of a shock to anyone, however. After all, by the end of summer, Apple was already operating some 393 retail stores around the world.

Current plans call for the company to open at least 35 more stores next year.

Apple said in its recently quarterly earnings filing that it will “intensify significantly” its overall efforts to keep competitors trailing Apple’s trailblazing success.

“The growth in net sales during 2012 was driven primarily by increased demand for iPhone following the launches of iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, strong demand for the new iPad and iPad 2, and higher Mac net sales,” Apple’s filing reads.

For 2012, Apple retail sales totaled 12 percent of total net sales.