Apple Tops Nokia, Samsung to Become World’s Top Smartphone Maker

As evidenced by the fact that Apple now has more cash on hand than the US Treasury, Apple’s unprecedented growth continues and it doesn’t appear that even Nokia and Samsung can slow the momentum.

According to a new report published Friday by Strategy Analytics, Apple is the new king of the global smartphone world.

Specifically, Apple has surpassed Nokia to reach the lofty perch cited as the globe’s top smartphone maker in terms of volume sold.

Upon publication of the report, analysts largely agreed that the accomplishment is all the more impressive when you consider that Apple’s smartphone empire is all but four years old.

Prior to the release of today’s report, Samsung was widely expected to beat out both Apple and Nokia to claim the paramount posturing among competing smartphone makers.

“Samsung overtook Nokia to become the world’s second largest smartphone vendor in Q2 2011,” said Neil Mawston, Director at Strategy Analytics. “Samsung’s shipments grew a huge 520 percent annually, for 17 percent global smartphone market share. Samsung’s Galaxy portfolio has proven popular, especially the high-tier S2 Android model.”