Apple to Hold Major iPhone 4 Press Conference on Friday

It looks like Apple had no other choice.

The embattled tech giant will at long last more comprehensively address the iPhone 4 reception turmoil this Friday in a scheduled press conference.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Apple offered no further details beyond that, but given the events of the past few weeks, it’s likely we’ll be hearing quite a bit more about the iPhone’s reported reception problems and Apple’s plans to address them.

The press conference will take place in Cupertino and tackle the so-called “Death Grip” epidemic. Late Wednesday, Apple notified select media outlets that the press conference will begin Friday, July 16th at 10:00 am PST.

Since Monday’s biting report from Consumer Reports (which effectively withdrew the publication’s recommendation of the device), Apple has been feeling pressure from many to swiftly respond more fully to the iPhone 4’s lingering antenna troubles.

Some believe the company will have no choice but to issue a complete product recall, even though the estimated 1.5 billion price tag to Apple in doing so gives ample reason to believe Cupertino will exhaust other alternatives first.