Apple to Do for Television What it Did for Smartphones, Says Analyst

On Thursday, Piper Jaffray analyst and perpetual Apple pundit Gene Munster made a bold prediction about the next major product category Apple is going to venture into.

As the rumor mill has long suggested, Apple will soon introduce its own connected HDTV, which will likely be iOS powered and controlled via Siri, Apple’s voice recognition platform.

According to Munster, Apple’s still-mythical “iTV” could do as much for consumer electronics as the advent of the smartphone did.

During an interview this week with Bloomberg Radio’s Tom Keene and Ken Pruitt, Munster stands by his claim that Apple’s flatscreen television will hit the market before 2012 is over.

And what a beauty it will be. Saying the TV “will look different” from what we’re used to in the flat-screen TV market, Munster says if you want to picture what the TV will look like, simply “imagine just a sheet of glass – no edges or bevels.”

“It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone,” he concludes.

Do you agree with this bold prediction?