Apple Reportedly Taps New Digital Marketing Talent

Apple Taps New Digital Marketing TalentApple is bringing in the big guns for the future of its digital marketing efforts, particularly with regard to social media marketing.

If you’re scratching your head with regard to this reality, you’re not alone. Many are wondering why Apple — a company with very little corporate social media marketing focus — would hire hot talent in this field, we can only reach one conclusion: Apple is about to take social media marketing a lot more seriously.

On Monday, news broke that Apple turned to Burberry once again (the first time was for their new retail operations head Angela Ahrendts) to hire the company’s former social media director.

Musa Tariq, a social media marketing expert, is Apple’s new digital marketing director for retail.

All told, the news shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to anyone. After all, with Apple distancing itself from traditional marketing strategies in favor of cutting-edge digital marketing tactics, it makes sense that Apple is gearing up to give Twitter, Facebook, and perhaps other social platforms a significant push.