Apple Takes Down In-App Purchase Fraudster

Apple is claiming victory Monday over an in-app purchase exploit that was beginning to make no shortage of iOS app users and mobile security experts a little nervous.

As it turns out, infamous Russian developer Alexey Borodin was behind the in-app purchase hack, which installed fake certificates on iPhones and iPads.

According to The Next Web, Borodin also designed his payload to exploit a customized DNS server to fool iOS apps into thinking they are talking to the App Store.

Moving swiftly to shut down hosting servers, banning IP addresses and adding new protections to its iOS 6 firmware, Apple appears to have succeeded in putting an end to the in-app purchasing flaw by Russian hacker Alexey Borodin.

“By examining [Apple’s] statement about in-app purchases in iOS 6, I can say that currently game is over,” Borodin said in defeat. “Currently we have no way to bypass updated APIs.”