Apple Surprises with New 4th Generation iPad

On Tuesday, as the mobile world eagerly awaited the iPad mini, Apple pleasantly surprised millions by first unveiling the new 4th generation iPad – a refresh that follows the launch of the the third generation iPad just six months ago.

“Earlier this year we announced a beautiful iPad with a Retina Display,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said today. “But we’re not taking our foot off the gas.”

The fourth-generation model, as expected, delivers a super faster A6X processor, FaceTime HD camera and a Lightning connection port.

“So much faster than the competition,” Schiller says, “I can’t even see them in the mirror.”

The new iPad (Wi-Fi only with 16 GBs) starts at $499, with the Wi-Fi + cellular version going for $629.

The 4th generation iPad delivers expanded LTE support for the device to work with more global across the globe.