Apple Sets Sights on Japan for New R&D Center

Apple Sets Sights on Japan for New R&D CenterThis year, Apple poured record sums into research and development. With next year’s investment in R&D poised to eclipse 2014’s figures, it comes as little surprise that Apple is planning to build out its facilities where R&D will take place.

According to new information emerging from the far east, Apple will soon open an R&D center inside of Japan.

Apple Inc is building a technical development center in Japan, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said on Tuesday, which a company spokesman later confirmed, saying that the plan calls for several dozen jobs to be created as a result.

“Apple has decided it undertake cutting-edge R&D in Japan,” Abe is quoted by Reuters. “It will be formally announced soon.”

For now, Apple is staying quiet on the matter, even though the plan is said to be all but a done deal.