Apple, Samsung Seeking a New Year’s Resolution to Patent Battle

Apple, Samsung Seeking a New Year's Resolution to Patent BattleWhat a difference a weekend makes.

Late last week, Apple and Samsung (at Apple’s initiation) resumed their courtroom battle as Apple filed its renewed request for a permanent injunction.  Apple was once again arguing that Samsung’s ability to sell “infringing devices” is detrimental to Apple’s bottom line.

“Samsung’s claim that it has discontinued selling the particular models found to infringe or design around Apple’s patents in no way diminishes Apple’s need for injunctive relief,” Apple argued in Thursday’s court filing. “Because Samsung frequently brings new products to market, an injunction is important to providing Apple the relief it needs to combat any future infringement by Samsung through products not more than colorably different from those already found to infringe.”

But according to a breaking report in the Korea Times this weekend, the two tech giants may ready to resolve this matter once and for all.

Despite a two-year legal battle that appeared to have no end in sight, Apple and Samsung have started discussing the possibility of inking a royalties deal and putting an end to all of their litigation, an official at the Korea Fair Trade Commission told the Korea Times in a report published on Sunday.

CNET reports that the talks are in their “working-level” stage right now. Apple and Samsung are “attempting to reduce differences over royalty payments.”

We’re told that reaching a deal as expeditiously as possible is a high priority for both parties.