Apple, Samsung Dominate Smartphone Profits

Apple, Samsung Dominate Smartphone ProfitsApple and Samsung remain the leading players across the smartphone landscape today, with each claiming a nearly identical – and equally dominant – share of total smartphone revenue.

Canaccord analyst Michael Walkley informed investors this week that Apple claimed 53 percent of smartphone profits in Q2 of 2013, which is down 4% from Q1.

Apple’s share, however, remains a significant one in the face of competition from Samsung. The South Korean tech giant saw its share of smartphone industry profits climb from 43 percent in Q1 to 50 percent in Q2.

Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Apple’s iPhone 5 have been especially strong during the summer months… so much so that the two companies now account for 103% of industry profits combined.

The Financial Post reports that the only real competition in this race pertains to third place, where Nokia, BlackBerry and other Android-centered manufacturers like HTC Corp., ZTE Corp. and LG Electronics Inc. are fighting to determine who is going to be next in line to Apple and Samsung.