Apple Rumors Flying on Eve of iPad 3 Launch

On Wednesday, Apple will raise the curtain on its much anticipated and long awaited third generation Apple tablet. Naturally, that means Tuesday is bringing with it a final push for the Apple rumor mill.

According to the latest insider accounts, the iPad 3 will reach consumers and the shelves of Apple stores (and its retail partners) on March 16th – one week from this Friday.

This latest report flies in the face of the last wave of Apple rumors, which suggested that the iPad 3 would debut on the same day of its announcement. That now seems unlikely, and possibly due to the suspected supply shortages imperiling Apple once again.

Nonetheless, the hype surrounding the iPad 3 has reached fever pitch.

“The new iPad will be critical to Apple if it is to continue to dominate the global tablet market,” Reuters reported today following an interview with Frost & Sullivan’s analyst, Phil Harpur.

“A lot will depend how receptive the market is to the new features offered by iPad 3, two of which are believed to be quad-core processing and 4G-LTE capabilities,” Harpur said. “While iPad 2 offered only minor incremental upgrades, this time the market will be expecting a lot more.”