Apple Rumored to Launch ‘Back to School’ Promotion Today

Apple is rumored to be launching its annual ‘Back to School’ promotion today, a promotion that has historically enabled customers to receive a free iPod touch with the purchase of a new Mac.

This year’s promotion, however, may see the roll out of an entirely different offer – namely, an offer that doesn’t serve up any free Apple hardware or popular iDevices.

According to numerous reports and rumors that are rapidly pointing toward reality, the 2011 Back to School special will likely feature Apple giving away a $100 iTunes gift card with the purchase of a new Mac.

Although some will likely be pleased and others, naturally, disappointed, here’s how Cult of Mac sees it:

Sure, it’s not a bad giveaway — with $100 to spend on iTunes you can equip yourself with a pass to season 6 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and have credit left over — but you’ll only have your hefty new MacBook to watch it on unless you stump up the cash for an iPod yourself.

Still, if the iTunes promo really happens, it will be of great curiosity to some industry analysts as to why Apple is bucking tradition and not using the Back to School promotion as a way to clear out current-generation iPod touch inventory before a potentially refreshed product is rolled out in September.

Apple is widely expected to introduce the iPhone 5 – possibly named iPhone 4S – in late summer or early fall.