Apple Rumored To Be Tinkering with iOS 6 Update

Apple is reportedly working on iOS 6.1, the first update to the major iOS upgrade that came to the Apple ecosystem last month following the launch of the new iPhone 5.

According to BGR, iOS 6.0.1 will deliver a handful of bug fixes to iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Some of the fixes are said to include the following:

  • Fix issue with flickering lines appearing on the keyboard on iPhone 5 units
  • Fix issue with camera flash not going off when taking photographs
  • Fix issue with Passbook information being easily accessible through the lock screen
  • Fix issue with cellular data
  • Fix issue with exchange meetings being unintentionally cancelled
  • Improved Wi-Fi support
  • Addition of a consolidated iTunes Match cellular data switch

As of this writing, it isn’t clear when the update will come, although most expect it by early November and in time for the iPad mini to roll out.