Apple Restores iCloud Service After Limited Outage

On Wednesday, news quickly circulated that Apple’s iCloud service had gone dark.

The reports, however, were soon dismissed by some for whom iCloud was still functional. It now turns out that the outage did not impact all users.

Apple has now confirmed the outage although the company is yet to delve into what exactly happened or how many users were effected.

“Users may have been unable to access iCloud services,” the Apple iCloud support page reads. “Normal service has been restored.”

Although iCloud has been a tremendously reliable staple of the iOS experience since iOS 5 was formally launched last fall, today’s outage was eerily familiar to longtime Apple product users.

MobileMe, the predecessor of iCloud, was known for dipping on occasion. And, today, millions of users dependent on iCloud are hoping that an unwelcome pattern doesn’t re-emerge.

Were you inconvenienced or irked by today’s iCloud outage?