Apple Reportedly Reduces iPhone 5C Production

Apple Reportedly Reduces iPhone 5C ProductionAlthough Apple’s new flagship iPhone 5s is a huge hit with the mobile masses and remains difficult to find anywhere in the civilized world, the device’s lower-priced sibling – the iPhone 5C – isn’t quite living up to its big brother’s accomplishments.

Unlike the iPhone 5s, which is in short supply from such high demand, supply chain data indicates that production of the plastic iPhone 5c has now been reduced by Apple due to what some insiders are calling “dismal sales” and lack of demand.

Sources report that iPhone 5C average daily production was 300,000 units last month, but that has since been reduced to 150,000 daily units.

“The higher than expected price for the iPhone 5c is being blamed for poor sales,” iClarified reports. “According to the report, gray channel prices have already dropped significantly on the device while the price for the iPhone 5s remains relatively stable. The iPhone 5c price set by Apple is 4,488 yuan but it’s being sold on the gray market for 3,500 yuan.”