Apple Reportedly Makes 'Swell' Acquisition

Apple Reportedly Makes 'Swell' AcquisitionAs intensely rumored in recent days, Apple has just acquired yet another company.

Fresh off its small acquisition of BookLamp and mammoth acquisition of Beats, the iDevice maker has just gobbled up a startup talk-radio service called “Swell.”

We’re told it’s a done deal although Apple isn’t saying much.

Swell’s website has already been closed and its App Store app is now gone.

“Thank you for using Swell over the past year,” a website message reads. “We wanted to let you know that the Swell service is no longer available. We’ve been inspired by the opportunity to create quality products that positively impact users’ lives, and we are grateful to all our listeners. Thank you everyone for your support!”

There was no mention of Apple in the announcement, but sources say Apple plunked down an estimated $30 million to seal the deal.