Apple Reportedly Fails to Reach Settlement with Proview

And the fight goes on.

On Thursday, reports surfaced that Proview – a Chinese company that has battled Apple for the rights to use the iPad name – failed to reach a settlement agreement with the Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker.

China’s Beijing Times says that Apple offered Proview a settlement deal worth 100 million yuan, or $16 million dollars.

Sources close to the negotiations say that Proview declined the offer.

Following months of battle inside and outside of the courtroom, Apple doesn’t stand to lose much at this point.

It was evident by the close of winter that Apple will likely – under no circumstances – be deprived of the opportunity to sell the iPad in China.

So while it isn’t clear what exactly Proview is hoping to get from Apple, we can now deduce that $16 million is less than what the Chinese company is looking for.

By late Thursday, additional but unconfirmed reports suggested that Apple may now be offering upwards of 300 million yuan to settle this skirmish once and for all. But as of this writing, it isn’t known if Proview is agreeable to that offer.