Apple Reportedly Delays February 24th Media Event

Apple Reportedly Delays February 24th Media EventIn recent weeks, speculation has been hot and heavy that Apple would hold a late February media event to both roll out new products and give the world one final demo of Apple Watch before the eagerly anticipated wearable ships in April.

But with less than a week to go before the rumored February 24th media event, Apple is yet to distribute invites to the press — something Apple always does at least one week in advance of a public product showcase.

So what’s behind the delay? Sources close to Apple cite a myriad of factors.

First, Apple’s purportedly enterprise-targeted iPad — the “iPad Pro” — might not yet be ready for prime time. The same may also be true of the next MacBook that’s been in the works for some time now.

More realistically, however, Apple just isn’t ready for preorders of Apple Watch to commence.

We’re told Apple wants to use its next media event as a launch pad for preorders. And with the device not shipping for another 6 to 8 weeks, it’s likely Apple is going to hold its next event two weeks prior to the first wave of shipments so that preorders can effectively commence the day following Apple’s media presentation.