Apple Readies New Retail App

Apple is believed to be in the final stages of preparing a new retail application for the iPhone.

Functioning as a mobile version of the Apple retail store, the offering in question will enable users to view products, place orders, schedule Genius Bar appointments in store, and experience many of the same virtues native to an on-site visit at a brick-and-mortar location.

According to MacRumors, Apple’s vision for the app is an “all-in-one application” for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that will “integrate retail store services with broader online shopping capabilities.”

MacRumors has heard from several sources that Apple is planning to launch a new iOS application tomorrow.

Some believe the application could debut as early as Monday evening, ahead of the Tuesday, June 15th start of preordering for the new iPhone 4.

Both Apple and AT&T have sought to emphasize the relative “ease” with which Apple products can be preordered. Looking to avert long, frustrating lines at retail outlets across the country on launch day (June 24th), AT&T will, for the first time, ship pre-ordered iPhones directly to a customer’s home or business for delivery by launch.

In addition to AT&T, Apple, and Best Buy outlets, the iPhone 4 will even debut June 24th at both RadioShack and Wal-mart stores – yet another first in iPhone update releases.