Apple Ramps Up Recycling Program Ahead of New iPhone Launch

This week, Apple for the first time began aggressively seeking out iPhone 4S models for recycling through the company’s own recycling program.

With the iPhone 5 expected next month, Apple is getting ready to begin offering a greater selection of refurbished and restored devices through the Apple website.

According to published reports on Wednesday, Apple is willing to pay top dollar for current-generation iPhones in top condition.

Apple will pay (through an Apple gift card) upwards of $345 for a white 64 GB iPhone 4S that is free of scratches, cracks, or water damage.

Devices with lower storage capacity will naturally get you a smaller payday, but the company is still seeking as many iPhone 4S models as they can get.

Apple confirms on its website that iPhones returned in good condition will be reconditioned and reintroduced to the market. Damaged devices will be “responsibly” recycled.

Current plans according to the ultra-active rumor mill suggest that Apple’s 6th generation iPhone will be unveiled by the company on or around September 12th.