Apple Puts Developers on iOS 7 Alert

Apple Puts Developers on iOS 7 AlertOn Tuesday, amidst a flurry of new product headlines out of Cupertino, Apple seeded the iOS 7 golden master to developers for testing.

This is the final developer-only version of the firmware before Apple officially releases the firmware to the public next week.

iOS 7 will become available to the public on September 18th.

Consequently, Apple’s email to developers last night coveys the urgency of the looming release and the need for developers to have their applications prepared for iOS 7.

According to projections, more iOS users are expected to upgrade to iOS 7 than any other software upgrade in previous years.

To help make the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 as seamless as possible for iPhone users, Apple wants its devs to download the golden master of iOS 7 ASAP and ensure that their apps are running as expected and ready to launch next week.

Are you ready for iOS 7?