Apple Praised, Amazon Punched by Greenpeace

Apple Praised, Amazon Punched by GreenpeaceA new Greenpeace report labeled “Clicking Clean: How Companies are Creating the Green Internet” points a positive portrait of Apple’s environmental consciousness while disparaging the efforts by Amazon to be a responsible user of clean energy,

Greenpeace says Apple’s data centers are now the most environmentally friendly in technology.

Apple took home the highest marks possible for its commitment to renewable energy.

“Apple’s aggressive pursuit of its commitment to power the iCloud with 100% renewable energy has given the company the inside track among the IT sector’s leaders in building a green Internet,” Greenpeace reports. “Apple has made good on its pledge by building the largest privately owned solar farms at its North Carolina data center, working with its utility in Nevada to power its upcoming data center there with solar and geothermal energy, and purchasing wind energy for its Oregon and California data centers.”

Amazon, however, is called out for being one of the biggest environmental offenders in all of technology.

A big-time user of “dirty energy,” Greenpeace says Amazon should be paying closer attention to what Apple is doing.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) “continues to rapidly expand its global infrastructure without any apparent regard to environmental impact or access to renewable energy,” Greenpeace says.