Apple Plays Nice with Microsoft to Avoid Tech War

Apple and Microsoft are playing nicely together. And it’s something that Apple wants Samsung to take notice of.

Although Apple and Microsoft are long-established rivals in the computer and mobile tech spaces, the two tech giants are working together to avoid a legal clash like the one presently pitting Apple against Samsung.

As Reuters confirmed Monday, Apple has licensed critical iOS design patents to Microsoft – the very same ones Apple and Samsung are waging war over.

Dab Levine of Reuters tweeted the following this morning about the matter in question:

Apple patent licensing director Teksler: Apple has licensed its design patents to Msft, but they have an “anticloning” agreement.

“There was no right with respect to these design patents to build clones of any type,” Teksler added in his report.

Apple appears to be uncharacteristically trying to drum up a lot of attention with regard to its partnership with Microsoft for the purpose of illustrating what Samsung should have done in the first place.