Apple Picking Up BlackBerry's Slack on Enterprise Mobility

Apple Picking Up BlackBerry's Slack on Enterprise MobilityAs the first full week of 2014 gets underway, predictions of what the new year will bring to the world of mobile are rolling out at a fast clip.

Not surprisingly, however, many of the trends observed in 2013 are expected to continue well into 2014 and beyond.

One of these patterns involves Apple picking up more of BlackBerry’s slack on enterprise mobility. Bill Seibel, founder of Mobiquity, recently shared with Forbes his expectations for Apple’s enterprise power-play.

According to Seibel, the six reasons Apple will fill the void left by BlackBerry include:

  • BlackBerry is failing – it lost $965 million in the most recent quarter and is planning to eliminate 40% of its work force by the end of 2013;

  • Microsoft lacks the acceptance and market traction needed to fill the gap that BlackBerry’s demise is creating;

  • Android is “gaining penetration into the consumer marketplace;”

  • Enterprises will invest more in “B2E [Business to Employee] in 2014 and beyond;”

  • Apple — with its ”reputation for quick reaction to malware, better device management, and BYOD [Bring Your Own Device — meaning employees can use their personal devices for work instead of getting IT-approved models] — is continuing to make inroads into the enterprise;”

  • Apple is enhancing its enterprise-friendly “capabilities that appeal to the Enterprise (such as security, more control over apps, single sign on, lower cost: iWork bundled for free)  — that will help Apple to target and win the enterprise.”

To read the full report from Forbes, click here.