Apple May Unveil iPhone 5 on June 5th

According to the investigative findings of Apple Insider, Apple appears to be stealthily planning its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference for June 5th – 9th at San Francisco’s Moscone West convention center.

Speculation first arose when a mysterious “convention/tradeshow” suddenly turned up on the Moscone event calendar for the June dates referenced. The Moscone West facility is where Apple typically holds its WWDC. In the past, similar mysterious calendar listings have regularly – but not always – proven to be Apple’s annual event under cover.

This year’s event is expected to feature the introduction of Apple’s next-generation iPhone. Rumors of the so-called iPhone 5 have picked up steam in recent weeks, suggesting that Apple is exploring the inclusion of an RFID near-field communications chip to use the handset as an electronic wallet.

At Apple’s 2010 WWDC – also held at Moscone West – Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4.

Although the WWDC usually features a keynote from Steve Jobs, it is not presently know if Jobs will have returned from his current medical leave of absence in time to present the fifth-generation touchscreen Apple smartphone.