Apple May Introduce Sapphire Crystal Touch Home Button for iPhone 5S

The latest speculation out of the Asian supply chain is that Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S, which could debut next month or sometime in July, may present a new fingerprint-scanning home button protected by a scratch-proof sapphire crystal glass.

Although rumors have persisted for some time now with regard to Apple introducing a fingerprint sensor in a subsequent iPhone refresh, this news from supply chain sources in Taiwan suggests the possibility of a much bigger effort on Apple’s part to make the home button as revolutionary as possible.

It’s thought that using sapphire crystal, which has a hardness second only to diamond, will prevent the button from getting scratched and ruining the fingerprint sensor.

It’s no secret that Apple has a thing for sapphire crystal, as evidenced by the iPhone 5 camera lens on its back. Apple opted for sapphire crystal as a means to minimize scratches and preserve photo quality for users.

Sources speaking with Taiwanese website TechNew believe that the sapphire crystal touch home button is practically a sure-thing on the iPhone 5S.