Apple May Introduce Revamped Apple TV Along with iPad 3 Next Week

Yesterday, Mobile Marketing Watch covered the confirmed news of an early March iPad 3 unveiling following Apple’s release of press invitations to a San Francisco, California-based media event scheduled for March 7th.

“We have something you really have to see. And touch,” the invitation reads, obviously alluding (with words and images) to the next generation iPad.

Although yesterday’s announcement made no mention of other Apple products being released next week, the rumor mill tells a dfferent story.

According to published reports early this morning, Apple may roll out a new Apple TV along with the next-generation iPad.

If so, tech industry watchers expect the refreshed Apple TV will include a faster processor in order for the device to finally stream 1080p quality video.

Will it happen? We’ll know for sure next Wednesday. And Mobile Marketing Watch will bring you the inside scoop.