Apple May Have Found Samsung’s Replacement

Apple may have found a suitable replacement for Samsung as a chip supplier.

According to most industry analysts, it’s only a matter of time before Apple severs all ties to Samsung. But the anticipated break may come sooner rather than later, assuming that the latest suspicions out of the far east prove to be accurate.

As one of the few companies “that have the capacity and the technology to meet Apple’s demand,”  TSMC is expected to become the primary chip supplier for Apple’s iDevice line.

On Tuesday, TSMC’s chairman and chief executive, Morris Chang, confirmed plans for a record $9 billion in capital expenditures to expand production in 2013.

From Apple’s vantage point, working with TSMC would provide exceptional benefits that the relationship with Samsung never could.

“The added incentive,” writes Lin Yang of The New York Times, is that “TSMC solely makes chips by contract, and probably will never compete with Apple in finished consumer electronics as Samsung has.”

Although TSMC won’t confirm talks with Apple, Chang admits that “enough discussions have taken place, with enough customers who have large requirements (on 20nm), to lead us to believe that the volume will be very large.”

According to the New York Times report, that degree of bullishness “leads analysts to believe that Apple could be a customer involved in these discussions.”