Apple May Acquire Quattro Wireless

Following Google’s late 2009 acquisition of AdMob for $750 million, Apple isn’t allowing much grass to grow beneath them as the folks in Cupertino are reportedly moving ahead with a deal to acquire a major mobile marketing firm of their own. As Apple prepares to introduce a forthcoming tablet device and potentially a number of new or updated gadgets throughout 2010, it’s apparent that Apple is angling for a marketing edge to complement the “technological superiority” the company aims to tout over its competition in the tech world.

If reports of the deal prove legitimate, Apple could announce this week that they have acquired Quattro Wireless for an estimated $275 million. The deal would likely help Apple tremendously in the ongoing advertising battles with Google and Microsoft, which have endeavored to corner mobile marketing and gain a leg up on Apple. But as the team in Cupertino preps a new tablet device and a 4th generation iPhone, early 2010 is likely perceived as the best time possible to lay the groundwork for an aggressive mobile marketing push throughout the year.

The acquisition of Quattro Wireless, a firm with clients including the likes of Ford, Disney, and the NFL, will signal Apple’s intention to compete on all fronts with competitors lining up to capture a chunk- no matter how small – of Apple’s market dominance. A deal with Quattro, however, could raise some interesting questions for US antitrust regulators who are still investing Google’s acquisition of AdMob, a deal that continues to draw ire from no shortage of consumer groups.