Apple Makes Progress After Horrible iOS 5 Traffic Jam

On Wednesday, Apple released the highly-anticipated iOS 5 ahead of the iPhone 4S arrival this weekend.

But unfortunately for the innumerable iDevice users who rushed to the web to get iOS 5 as fast as humanly possible, the mighty Apple servers were rocked to their core and began failing to provide the iOS 5 update.

From the Washington Post:

Taking to Twitter, Facebook and Apple’s support forums, users reported that their phones and tablets had been wiped — or worse, bricked. So many people were having problems with the update that the upgrading error message, “error 3200,” nabbed a spot as a worldwide trending topic on Twitter.

So overwhelming was the traffic surge that Apple simply couldn’t keep up and error messages were running wild by late afternoon Wednesday.

Frustration soon followed among those who thought a problem persisted with their iDevice. Alas, however, it was explained by Apple that the impediments to a successful upgrade were exclusive to their end of the operation.

By Thursday morning, the crushing demands placed on Apple’s servers had diminished slightly. And so too did the frequency of error message reports.

So if you haven’t yet upgraded, it may be wise to back up your iDevice before endeavoring to grab iOS 5.