Apple Makes Hard Push to Business Community with New iPad Campaign

Apple on Monday began to target business audiences with its new targeted ad campaign for the third-generation iPad.

Feeling the heat, undoubtedly, from last week’s unveiling of the new Microsoft “Surface” tablet, Apple is trying to get its market-leading iPad at the top of the tablet arena.

“With breakthrough features and thousands of amazing apps, the new iPad will transform how — and where — you do business,” Apple says in an email blast this morning. “Buy it online with free shipping, or pick one up at your favorite Apple Retail Store.”

In the message, Apple also touts “major advancements” for any business… iPad is thin, light, and loaded with breakthrough features. Which makes it perfect for working on the go, streamlining tasks, and improving productivity across your entire business.”

Work in ways you never imagined,” the message concludes. “iPad integrates nicely with your existing workflow. Add powerful business apps and there’s no limit to what you can do.”

Although it’s unlikely that there’s anyone left in business (big or small) who isn’t aware of the iPad and its features, it will be interesting to see if and how campaigns such as these will – over time – benefit Apple’s market share in the enterprise community.

Is the iPad still your tablet of choice for business?