Apple Looking to Rid The Mobile Software Seas of iOS Pirates

Apple’s lawyers have been set free and they are on the attack.

On Wednesday, word surfaced that Apple has begun sending legal take-down notices to the servers hosting services that assist users in unlawfully obtaining software from the App Store.

The news is a welcome revelation to app developers who claim to lose no shortage of revenue right along with Apple when their digital creations are stolen.

As Apple Insider reported this afternoon:

App Store piracy has been around for years, though there has not been much indication that Apple has been aggressive in shutting it down. The company has been engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with jailbreak developers who look for exploits in iOS to allow them to run unauthorized code.

Although it isn’t yet clear what the outcome of Apple’s renewed efforts will be, it’s evident that Apple is viewing the start of 2012 as a fresh opportunity to take down the pirates who continue to pillage and plunder their way through the iOS App Store.