Apple Looking for ‘Waze’ to Improve iOS Maps

As MMW consistently covered in the fall of 2012, Apple has taken a commercial and critical beating in response to the iOS 6 release of Apple Maps – a service that was meant to satisfactorily replace Google Maps on the Apple platform.

At least, that was the plan. But as Apple quickly learned, these plans weren’t mean to unfold smoothly. And iOS 6 saw some of its luster erased as iOS users panned the inadequate replacement for the Google services.

As a result, Apple CEO Tim Cook vowed to fix what was broken. And for that reason, we keep hearing speculation about what Apple may do to achieve that stated goal.

On Wednesday, rumors surfaced that Apple is interested in acquiring social sat-nav smartphone app Waze – a platform that was, in fact, touted by Apple last fall as a suitable alternative to iOS Maps for those displeased with the service.

“It comes as almost no surprise to us that there are rumors flying around that Apple is sniffing around Waze with a view to a possible acquisition,” says Mike Butcher of Tech Crunch. “After all, Waze is already a data partner for Appleā€™s Maps app and was the only app to gain meaningful market share after the Apple Maps fail.”

For now, neither Apple or Maze will comment on the rumor. But the word on the street says a deal is being discussed.

MMW will keep you posted.