Apple Keeping Beats Deal on the Down Low?

Apple Keeping Beats Deal on the Down LowAs MMW has reported multiple times in recent weeks, Apple is reportedly moving forward with a mammoth merger – a $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats, the streaming music service and headphones company co-founded by recording artist Dr. Dre.

But according to a new report from Apple Insider, formal news of Apple’s acquisition of Beats may not come as soon as initially anticipated.

Why? Because Apple may not be compelled to disclose the purchase any time soon.

The iPhone maker’s sheer size means that even the reported multi-billion dollar Beats agreement might not be considered materially significant. That would allow Apple to prolong its decades-long streak of near radio silence when it comes to acquisitions, a policy that seems to suit current CEO Tim Cook just fine.

“And so you can bet that you will continue to see acquisitions and some of which we’ll try to keep quiet and some of which seems to be impossible to keep quiet,” Cook said during April’s earnings call with reporters.

All things considered, Apple may have already acquired Beats and we just haven’t been formally notified about it yet.