Apple Hits New Wall Street High as CNBC Leaks iPad 3 Release Plans

It was a big day for news in the tech world, as CNBC reported the biggest Apple news of the year – the iPad 3 is coming next week.

On Tuesday, CNBC confirmed – from its unnamed sources, of course – that the third generation tablet will be unveiled next week in New York, not California as Apple’s established tradition would otherwise suggest.

Upon news of the pending iPad 3 launch, shares of AAPL traded at another all-time high of more than $532. The market, however, has long anticipated the arrival of the iPad 3. It became increasingly clear in recent days that the launch would be soon. That much was evident when Best Buy curiously slashed iPad 2 prices last weekend by $50.

It was just one year ago when late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce the iPad 2. Since then, the tablet has grown to dominate the market like never before – a trend that seems poised continue as the Apple community braces for the debut of what’s expected to instantly become tech’s hottest new toy of 2012.

Mobile Marketing Watch will keep you posted on this developing story as more details emerge.