Apple Hires a 'Director of Renewable Energy'

Apple Hires a 'Director of Renewable Energy'As part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to be an environmentally responsible company, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant has hired a director of renewable energy.

Serving in this role is the former vice president of NV Energy, Bobby Hollis. Hollis worked as the company’s Senior Renewable Energy Manager.

Few details are known about Apple’s plan for the new position, which is only confirmed by Hollis’ LinkedIn page.

Hollis’s duties at NV Energy included leading renewable energy efforts and creating energy supply contracts the company. It’s possible he worked on contracts with Apple while still serving as VP of NV Energy, as Apple and the electric company have partnered up to build a solar panel farm next to Apple’s Reno data center.

“Renewable energy is a key part of Apple’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact. All of the company’s data centers run on 100% renewable energy, as do 75% of its corporate facilities,” says Juli Clover of MacRumors. “Greenpeace featured Apple as a “Green Energy Innovator” back in early April as a result of its renewable energy policies.”