Apple HDTV ‘Confirmed’ by Manufacturing Partner Foxconn

In what is being touted by some as a critical divulging of information, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou today has effectively confirmed the existence of Apple’s HDTV.

For months, we’ve heard rumors and speculation about a possible connected HDTV product from the venerable Cupertino, California-based iPhone maker.

Following the death of Apple chief and co-founder Steve Jobs last October, word surfaced from his official biography that Jobs had virtually mastered the secret to creating a state-of-the-art, but surprisingly simple HDTV.

Ever since, the tech blogosphere has buzzed with talk surrounding Apple releasing such a product.

From China Daily (via Mac Rumors):

Gou said Foxconn is making preparations for iTV, Apple Inc’s rumored upcoming high-definition television, although development or manufacturing has yet to begin. iTV reportedly features an aluminum construction, Siri, and FaceTime video calling Foxconn’s recent 50-50 joint venture factory with Sharp in Japan is one of the preparations made for the new device, Gou added.

According to industry analysts and market watchers, the most likely time for Apple to release the so-called “iTV” will be in the late fall of 2012 or early 2013.