Apple HDTV a ‘Must Have’ for People Who Don’t Need One

According to a new survey from Piper Jaffray, nearly one-third of consumers will be among the early adopters of Apple’s rumored forthcoming HDTV.

Despite a typical 7-year upgrade cycle for television sets in the average American household, the Apple HDTV will inspire people to purchase one even if their current TV is relatively new.

“The level of interest generated by the ecosystem potential shows how powerful the Apple ecosystem has become, as demonstrated by the fact that 67% of all survey respondents interested in the TV owned an iPhone, iPad, or both,” says analyst Gene Munster. “The bigger theme that is emerging from this data point is Apple is becoming less a product and more of a platform company that consumers find increasingly more difficult to leave.”

This lofty prospective base of Apple HDTV buyers caution, however, that their willingness to buy the product correlates to its ultimate price tag. If the TV is at or below $1,500, most will spring for the TV right out of the gate.

Munster believes the world will be introduced to the Apple HDTV – likely dubbed iTV – next summer at the very latest.

Will you be among the first buyers of the Apple HDTV? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.