Apple Going Solar with Mobile Ambitions?

Apple Going Solar with Mobile AmbitionsFollowing the grand unveiling of two new iPhones last week, the rumor mill needs something to keep it going, right?

As a result, we’re hearing chatter today about Apple’s supposed interest in solar power, possibly with regard to the company’s mobile device business.

The rumor comes right from Apple, as the company is looking for a “Thin Films Engineer” with experience in the solar industry.

According to the job description listed on Apple’s website:

The Mobile Devices group is seeking an experienced professional who brings expertise in the area of thin films deposition. This engineer will assist in the development and refinement of thin films technologies applicable to electronic systems. The successful engineer in this role will be able to work closely with suppliers and deliver scalable manufacturing processes in a timely manner.


Specifically, the job description alludes to work with Asia-based suppliers to develop thin-film deposition technologies.

Although it isn’t likely that Apple is on the verge of releasing a solar-powered iPhone, such technology could play a role in the rumored but still unconfirmed Apple smartwatch – the so-called “iWatch.”