Apple Focusing on Retail Growth, iPhone Sales in India

Apple Focusing on Retail Growth, iPhone Sales in IndiaThink China is the only global market with which Apple is obsessed? Think again.

Apple is focused heavily on India today. And that focus is growing more intense over time.

“Apple is planning more than a twofold expansion of its retail reach in India to double iPhone sales in each of the next three years to achieve fresh targets set by the company’s US parent amid stiff competition in the premium smartphone segment from a reinvigorated Samsung,” The Times of India reported Monday.

As we understand it, Apple has just struck a new distribution deal with Optiemus Group (which is the distributor similarly used for Samsung and HTC mobile devices). And more deals are on the way to supplement those Apple has already secured with Redington, Ingram Micro, Rashi Peripherals and Brightstar.

“Since shipment figures are one of the indicators of success in the smartphone industry, any new distributor Apple appoints will lead to an instant surge in shipments, which will help it to achieve the target fixed by headquarters and will also lead to a significant jump in retail reach,” an industry executive is quoted in the report.