Apple Earns Media Ratings Council Accreditation for iAd

Apple’s iAd has earned a rare distinction among mobile ad networks.

iAd has become the first major mobile ad network to be fully accredited by the Media Ratings Council.

The achievement, AdAge reports, is the result of Apple’s purported strict adherence to the standards that the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Mobile Marketing Association released in early 2013.

During the auditing process, iAd demonstrated accurate reporting of impressions, taps, tap-through-rate, visits, views, views-per-visit, average time spent, conversions, unique devices and unique device visits.

“We were favorably impressed with the range of metrics that iAd provides and their quality,” says David Gunzerath, senior VP and associate director of the MRC. “It gives the buy and the sell side confidence that the measurements are accurate and can be relied upon as currency.”

Despite the inability of iAd to dominate the mobile ad landscape as originally envisioned in 2010 upon the mobile ad network’s unveiling by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the accreditation could go a long way to boost the mobile ad industry at large, specifically “by pressuring networks and servers to standardize how they calculate and report how well they’re executing their clients’ campaigns.”